Welcome to the New RVA Construction Website!

Our goal is for this site to be a landing page for all things RVA Construction and for it to be accessible and informational for our clients, architects, employees, or anyone interested in learning more about our company.

Our refreshed website showcases our team’s values, our organizational mission and vision, and the history and overview of our company. It also highlights our hardworking team and the excellent work they do for us every day.

In addition to the projects RVA Construction Inc. has completed, you’ll find information about the clients we’ve worked with and the architects we regularly collaborate with. If you’re interested in joining our team at RVA Construction, our new careers page is constantly being updated, and we’re always looking to add new talent to our growing team.

As experts in the construction field, we also plan to use our website to share the most current updates and news stories in the construction industry. Our news page will be home to blogs, industry information, and the latest happenings with our projects.

Have questions or want to reach out to our team? Feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to having a one-stop shop for all things RVA Construction, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!