9 West Grace Studio

The construction of 9 West Grace Studio required a focus on both aesthetics and utility. The renovations included an isolation booth, editing suites, and a wall for video and photo shoots. Aesthetically, RVA Construction needed to prioritize certain colors and shapes that would achieve a unique recording experience for the studio’s users. Lighting also had to be kept in mind, as it could have an impact on both the user experience and the quality of sound produced. For utilitarian purposes, the size, shape, and materials used in the studio were crucial. RVA Construction included panels and light diffusers to decrease outside noise or brightness within the studio. Similarly, curved walls and textured surfaces were necessary to create high-quality acoustics within the room. Through this project, RVA Construction encountered several unique roadblocks and requirements.


4,500 sq. ft.
9 W. Grace Street Richmond, VA 23222

Project Photos