Tumbili at Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion’s Tumbili ride is a thrilling roller coaster that suspends and flips riders, giving them a feeling of weightlessness. The coaster incorporates magnetic technology to induce and control spinning under a rainforest tree canopy.

Each of Tumbili’s cars seats eight riders between two rows, and each row rotates independently of the other due to the magnetic technology. Its 770-foot (230 m) long track layout is narrowly stacked in three layers, which includes two beyond-vertical drops known as “raven drops.” Tumbili reaches a maximum speed of 34 mph (55 km/h), and the total experience lasts about 55 seconds.

Roller coasters are meant for entertainment, but safety is always paramount. When planning this project, RVA Construction focused on a few primary factors: the intended rider, preferred material, car type, and track layout. This steel-winged, 4th-dimension roller coaster peaks at a height of 112 feet (34 m) and includes a 90-degree, vertical lift hill.


Length: 770 feet. Max Height: 112 feet. Speed: 34 MPH.
Kings Dominion, 16000 Theme Park Way Doswell, VA 23047